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Tuesday, December 28th, 2004
11:02 am
I've now experienced my second earthquake and first tsunami. We're all safe -- we're far enough north up the coast that damages weren't too heavy. I will say that I'm very glad my family decided against making a trip down to Chennai.

Net access is very sporadic and extremely slow, so updates may be late in coming. Just wanted to let y'all know I'm all right, since I've been getting a few calls and emails from back home that I haven't been able to answer.

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Saturday, May 8th, 2004
12:33 am - obligatory lyrics meme
Funny how it goes. From LJ to Tangency back to LJ. Anyway, I figured I'd try to resume posting (again) with the lyric meme. In this case, I had one of my "A to Z" songlists up, so that might help a bit with figuring out the songs. (There's no "Z" titled song, because I don't have any English-language songs starting with Z.

So, taking a cue from anthrorabbit, here's the song memeCollapse )

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Wednesday, November 12th, 2003
9:54 pm
I am back from my trip and have successfully survived New Orleans. Not that I really put myself in any situations that would require survival (aside from those beignets, which I'm sure contained well over the LD50 for powdered sugar). More detail tomorrow, perhaps. Sleepytime, now.

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003
12:00 pm
There's nothing quite like waking up with a sore neck, stepping out of bed and tripping over a barbell, and landing face-first in a stack of books to let you know your day is starting out all right. Follow that with the obligatory fumbling for glasses, seeing which books you've landed in, and the painful realization of "Holy fuck! I own a copy of World of Synnibar?!?!" (expressed vocally with enough volume that my grandfather could hear me from the guest bedroom, naturally.)

On the other hand, after a few errands, I stopped at the EVIL EMPIRE (the other one), which they just opened in town, and found a very nice $40 Daewoo DVD player. Normally, I wouldn't need to buy a new DVD player, but this one plays DVD, VCD, SVCD... plus is region free and coverts PAL/NTSC. They don't advertise the region-free bit on the packaging of course, and I don't know if it works with RCE discs, but I don't own any of those anyway. A steal at the price.

And finally, the Winamp playlist / name meme, ganked from kamalloy, who snagged it from kelvena:

Into Temptation - Crowded House
Future Shock - Cherry
Ugros - Boiled in Lead
Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head - Shonen Knife
I Die; You Die - Gary Numan
The Banjos Prepare For Battle - The Banjos That Destroyed The World
Afterglow - Garbage

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2003
4:24 pm - When does wackiness NOT ensue?
My LiveJournal Sitcom
ifurita's therapist (UPN, 10:30): ifurita (Mark Wahlberg) oversleeps and misses lunch with loopychew (Billy Crystal). Later, ghoest (Rene Russo) breaks demota (Paul Robeson)'s old 100-meter-dash record, but nobody sees it happen. The next day, gryphonlady (Jamie Kennedy) and melstar (Denzel Washington) perform slapstick at a computer store. Later that day, johnevans (Sean Connery) accidentally scratches lurkerdrome (Michael Keaton)'s favorite iPod. In the next town over, jrenken (James Van Der Beek) and chamelaeon (Roma Downey) raise mules. Wackiness ensues.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

Figures that the moment I get my WSIM page set up and all the files transferred from the Lotus Notes server at work to my home machine, that accursed Captain Shi scores a lucky shot to my magazine and sends me to the bottom of the ocean. Damn his eyes! Maybe now I will be forced to become a ZOMBIE pirate for the next game.

And then I will find some ninjas.

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Friday, June 20th, 2003
11:27 pm
And because I'm always at least a week late on anything...

That weird name meme thingCollapse )

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11:12 pm
Twenty-four hours later, and I'm still miffed with myself after dropping my Visor and cracking the screen. Thankfully, I was able to snag a replacement through the Great Satan that is eBay for a pretty reasonable price. The downside is that I started scanning the eBay listings again.

And then what should I find but a DDR 8th Mix Extreme 2 machine up for bid. Going for $2500. In the end, I talked myself out of it, but the sad thing is that I actually agonized over whether to bid on it.

I'm such an addict...

And then, later eventsCollapse )

(This was supposed to go up on Wednesday, but for some reason, the LJ client seems to hate me. And for some reason, backdating entries seems a bit weird to me. *shrugs*)

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Tuesday, May 20th, 2003
9:45 pm
I am such a gaming slutCollapse )

I'd hate to see what I'd get if, y'know, I played D&D.

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Thursday, March 27th, 2003
3:55 pm
It's a gorgeous day outside. The sun is out, the sky is clear, and there's a slight breeze. And instead of enjoying the day, here I am inside at my desk, trembling with anger.

Backtrack an hour or so.

I got off work early today because I had to go in yesterday on my day off. With the weather as nice as it is, I figured I'd get an early start on my weekend yardwork and went out to do some weeding. So there I am with my headphones on, jamming to the Suikoden vocal collection, when I see a shadow approaching from behind me.

I figured it was the UPS delivery man and stood up, expecting that I'd soon be getting my (literally) grubby hands on the second You're Under Arrest DVD box. But instead, it looked like one of the developers building new houses in the neighborhood. I was pulling the headphones out of my ears and just had time to say a greeting when he interrupted me.

"Hey there, boy. Your boss at home?"

I blinked, hoping I had just misheard what he said (but knowing I hadn't). Apparently annoyed with my silence, he reached into his pocket, pulled out a business card and handed it to me, deliberately pronouncing out, "Give this to the man of the house."

Before I could say anything, he'd already turned around and started climbing into his shiny candy-red Lincoln Navigator. I think it was a full minute before I could even find any words to say, but by then he was long gone.

The kicker? He is a "landscape architect." Lots of luck getting my business after this, that's for certain.

I shouldn't be this upset. I know I shouldn't be. But "my boss"? I'm used to the occasional pejorative, but to be this gravely insulted, right in front of my own home? So much for progress and diversity. This town is still full of the same prejudiced, ignorant assholes who made my childhood a living hell. I guess it wouldn't be so bad, if I weren't already on edge after listening to my co-workers blather on about the war. But I guess that it's too much to expect one's own house to be a sanctuary.

I've been sitting here for the last hour trying to relax, and I'm still worked up about it. I may end up having to hit the bottle, after this one.

current mood: angry

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Sunday, March 16th, 2003
10:27 pm
I'm a bit odd when it comes to my appreciation of major sports. Usually people will devote their attention to one particular sport, or they'll make the divide between the pro and college levels. In my case, though, I prefer professional football and largely ignore it at the college level, while the opposite is the case with basketball. I can sit down and watch most any game -- I just don't really follow the rankings or standings outside of those two. (I'm not really considering baseball, because I don't know anyone who follows college baseball.)

Anyway, my uncle managed to snag some pretty decent tickets to the Big Ten championship game earlier today, so I ended up dragging myself out of bed and driving to Chicago this morning. OSU v UIUC is always a fun matchup, regardless of who actually wins, since my parents went to Ohio and my brother and I went to Illinois. Today though, Illinois thoroughly trounced Ohio State, so all is proper and right with the world. Or least, that was the prevailing opinion until we heard the seeding for the tournament on the way back home. Terrible, terrible decision, and it was reassuring to hear the announcers across the board agree. (Hell, Indiana fans are mostly in agreement, and when does that happen?) Ah well. It'll be an interesting tourney. The unbalance in the West makes things awfully tricky, though. Time to rework my bracket, I s'pose.

In other news, I had to cut short my online Buffy game last night.Collapse ) We shall have to see what next Saturday brings.

The sad thing is, that campaign is going better than my Thursday-night Exalted campaign. Collapse )

I suppose if the game does dissolve, I can always offer to run something else. Not sure what though, since they seem to run gibbering in fear from Amber, DC, or most of my other games. Maybe I should try to get my Z-G rpg adaptation completed...

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Friday, October 25th, 2002
1:04 am
I'm not sure which is more disturbing: the fact that I entered a chili cook-off this weekend... or that my entry took first place. It was certainly a surprise. The only reason I entered was because a friend was dragging me along, and I wanted to be sure there was at least *something* to eat -- chili cook-offs are not known for their variety of vegetarian fare, and all that.

I have to say, it was pretty exciting (in a weird and goofy way) to win. Apparently, the judges couldn't tell it was meatless, which is odd. I don't think I'll be disclosing the SEKRIT INGREDIENT to them just yet. Muahahahha!

It wouldn't be me, though, if there weren't some element of drama to the whole event. Apparently, there have been requests for next year's competition to require that the dishes include at least some form of meat. And I know that one person got on my case for being some sort of sanctimonious jerk, just because I choose not to eat meat. Oy.

In any case, I wasn't planning on entering again. It was a one-time affair, and now its over. I wasn't looking to win, though I will admit that the prize, a $50 gift certificate to the mall, was a very nice touch. In fact, that money was immediately earmarked for the acquisition of a particular console RPG due out this week.

- = - = -

Of course, that leads to the next event of note this week: Suikoden 3. My, but the game is gorgeous. I know I'll be putting a heck of a lot of time into this game.

Just not now, though. Partly because I have to study for the next actuarial exam, and partly because, well... I don't have the goddamn game.

Never mind that I preordered the game quite a while back. Never mind that I paid for it in advance and was told that I was guaranteed a copy on the release date. No, instead, the UNTRAINED MONKEYS at Electronics Boutique informed me upon my arrival Wednesday afternoon that they did not have any copies available. Not because they hadn't received their shipment; no, that would be perfectly acceptable. Instead, they didn't have any copies because they had sold them all. Why hadn't they set aside the pre-ordered copies? Because they didn't even bother checking if there was a reserve list. They just assumed that no one would be interested in the game. Does this seem just the slightest bit aggravating to anyone other than me?

Hopefully, I'll get a copy tomorrow. If not, heads will roll.. Nyyyyyargh!

current mood: annoyed

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Wednesday, October 16th, 2002
1:47 pm
I keep telling myself that I'll try to be more regular in my posting, but it never happens. I could try to delude myself and claim that I'm too busy actually living life that I never sit down and write about living life. But that would be disingenuous, at best. No, what's at work is my natural scatterbrained, easily distracted self which has been affecting all of my attempts at writing over the last year or so. I sit down, try to write, and after a few paragraphs, just can't go any further.

Game Day Chicago was three weeks ago. The Monday night Bears game I attended was two weeks ago. I have something written up for both; I'll probably finish those and backdate them, if for no reason than just to have them on record for myself. (Besides which, I promised the players in the Nobilis game I ran at Game Day that I'd write up a Replay). So now, the events of this past weekend, I suppose.

I love my family. Honest.Collapse )

- = - = -

The positive this week, I suppose, is that I now have Tekken 4. I didn't bother getting Tekken Tag, because it didn't look like it was worth the price tag. I was hesitant to pick up T4 so soon, simply because I didn't know if I'd get much play out of it, but scooping it up used one the day after release, kinda spurred me into it. It's occupied the PS2 since its acquisition. Of course, that's not saying much, since we've only got four other games for the machine.

It's definitely a worthy follow-up to Tekken 3. The graphics are sharp and the animation is mostly fluid, with just a few glitches. The characters look great, with all sorts of little details, like bobbing sashes or flowing skirts. My one complaint would be that smiling characters just look goofy. You'd think someone at Namco could draw teeth. The backgrounds are the most improved and are somewhat interactive (though, columns and statues do get really blocky when they're smashed.)

The game play is great and the timing is closer to Tekken 2 than 3, which I appreciate. There are new moves and complications, which will take some time to figure out. Haven't consulted GameFAQs yet, 'cuz I kinda want to figure some of this out on my own. The AI seems to have been watered down a bit, apparently to make the game more accessible to new players. They did add in a new level of difficulty, so it balances out. Of course, the game is really best for multi-player use, so the AI only comes into play when trying to unlock the hidden characters.

The voice acting is a mixed bag, as they made some odd choices. They kept the Japanese dialogue for the Japanese characters, but don't always subtitle it. Hwaorang speaks Korean (I think), but Xaioyu speaks Japanese. (Then again, they seem to have made her a Tokyo schoolgirl for the new game.) The English-speakers are mostly well-done, but patchy in spots. Steve speaks with an English accent pretty consistantly, and Lei has an appropriately-goofy Jackie Chan accent (which is really funny) But Christine is far too Valley Girl, and there's no way you can tell me that Nina's speaking with an Irish accent. A minor point, I suppose.

The story is interesting, if you're into the Tekken series at all. Further development in the Mishima family saga. The game is mostly devoid of the supernatural aspects of the first few games, with the exception of Kazuya's storyline, which brings back Devil. Oddly, they actually use 'Devil' in the Japanese speech, instead of 'Akuma' as in previous games.

Only four new characters, I think. My brother is annoyed that most of the characters stay the same throughout the series, but I think that's not a problem at all. It gives a sense of continuity to the game, and really, if there's a character you like, wouldn't you want them to stick around, instead of being replaced by a new one?

Of course, my character of choice, Nina, turns out to be one of the sub-bosses this time around, so I had to figure out which character's storyline she'd show up in. (Must... have... Nina... fix...) Found it eventually, under Steve Fox's plot. Apparently, he's Nina's son, conceived while she was in cryogenic sleep for fifteen years. (ed -- what the dilly-oh-fuck?)

It doesn't look like characters are unlocked by specific storylines, though, so I'm not really sure. The new characters are interesting, if a bit loopy. Steve Fox is odd, in that he has no kicking attacks. He's pretty straightforward, and a decent addition. Christine is... enh, Eddy replaced with cheesecake fanservice. There was a lot of detail that went into the char design, but ultimately the poses and outfits got to be absurd. Still fun to play, though. Haven't played Marduk yet, but I think he's a Jack clone.

I think I hit a glitch though. I was playing through as Violet and defeated Heihachi in the final bout. But after the cutscene where Violent introduces Combot plays, it switched my character to Lee. I managed to beat Combot, but it unlocked Lee's end video, not Violet's. I tried two more times, and the same damn thing happened. Grrr.

I miss Mukojin. Combot just isn't the same. :(

Pondering picking up Dragon Warrior 7. They've got it at Game Exchange for twenty-five dollars. I'm wondering if it's worth it, though. I've heard mixed reviews, and I'd rather not waste my time on another 'Beyond the Beyond'.

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Thursday, August 8th, 2002
9:22 pm
Had my regularly-scheduled dentist's appointment today. Cleaning went as usual: a touch of minor discomfort, followed by that weird, happy buzziness. However, the dentist also found cavities. Three of the buggers, at that. I've never had a cavity in my life, y'know? I'm really not looking forward to getting that remedied.

Then, I find out that Thane cancelled tonight's Exalted session. Of course, he decided to do so after most of the group got there, instead of calling us ahead of time. Ah well... it's understandable, at least. We just wrapped up the first story arc of the campaign a bit prematurely by effectively skipping ahead to the final boss fight, so he needs to figure out what exactly we're doing next. The game is actually going well, considering I was ready to drop a month or so ago. I still have my misgivings about the system, but I've at least come to terms with it. Thankfully, we've managed to lose a couple of the problem players. (Note: The entertainment factor of a game should not be predicated on guessing when a particular player is going to flip out and try to kill all the other PCs. *sigh*) It'll be interested to see where the game goes next, assuming the game doesn't fall apart when the fall semester starts up.

I'm not going to be able to go to GenCon this weekend, thanks to my work schedule. I really wanted to go this year, too, considering it's the last year that it'll be in Milwaukee. Something always manages to come up, when it comes to GenCon. But really, I don't mind so much. I think I've been a bit leery of attending a large convention, after my experience at ACen earlier this year. Granted, I wouldn't be going in a wheelchair, but still, too many people around would make me a bit

Plus, I've gotten in enough gaming in the last few weeks to more than make up for it. A couple of weekends ago was Mike and Tami's aloha party, which inevitably turned into a mini-gaming fest. I got to play Jyhad for the first time in about two years, which was a definite plus. TheO had us playtest a strange little board game he wrote; I'm pretty sure he wrote it just so he could have a valid excuse to own HeroClix figs. I ran a twelve-person Amber throne war, which went remarkably well, despite the fact that their house is on the cozy side and that I wrote the scenario after a night of semi-drunken ramblings on politics, philosphy, and game design. It was good to see Mike and Tami again. I'm gonna miss 'em like hell, but I'll just have to temper it by remaining envious that he was able to convince the U of Hawaii to give him an assistantship. :P

This past weekend, there was a little impromptu pre-GenCon get-together of Chicago-area rpg.netters (plus Steve, stopping in town as part of his World Tour), partly in preparation for September's GameDay. A few people ended up cancelling, but at least I finally got to meet Steve, Rich, Gypsy, and umm.. that other guy. It was especially cool to meet Steve, since he came all the way from Australia, and it's likely the only change I'll get to talk to him in person. We almost attempted to get in a game of Morton's List at the pizza place near Games Plus, but we were worried the scary old woman tending the bar was going to eat our spleens. (Seriously. She was damn scary.) We did get in a few other games, including Battle of the Bands, which btw, is highly recommended. Steve and I discussed his nascent webcomic, and it looks like we're recruiting Greg to do artwork. Not sure I like that particular idea, but hey, it's Steve's story. Rich brought along the ashcan of Starchildren, which looks spectacular. There need to be more RPGs featuring glam rock space aliens.

Plus, as an added bonus, one of my game reviews finally went up. It was pretty well-received, too. Checked my email yesterday, and found no fewer than three offers of review copies for other games. SKOR! If I can get a few more of these under my belt, I may never have to pay for gaming goods again! Happy thoughts ensue.

Hrm. Maybe I can get some writing done tonight. *rolls up sleeves*

current mood: happy

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Monday, July 15th, 2002
11:47 am - The Gentle Art of Welcoming Strangers
Y'know, usually newbies are welcomed with open arms and invited to join in whatever discussion is going on at the time. But sometimes, you just know that someone is in the wrong place, and it's really best not to waste any of their time, or yours. Saves on aggravation for both sides, I think.

My first LJ-cut. Woo woo.Collapse )

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Thursday, July 4th, 2002
9:40 pm
As I look out my window across the backyard, I can my mentally-handicapped neighbors firing off fireworks.

Now, I'm all for advocating the use of small incindiery devices to remove small bits of one's own anatomy to celebrate national holidays. I think it's a rather appropriately enthusiastic display of jingoistic patriotism.

However, one does cross the line when one begins firing off medium-sized rockets in a residential area, especially when they are prohibited by law. And it is quite another to be igniting them in an empty lot full of DRY BRUSH.


It's the head of the neighborhood association, no less. Argh. Time to put in a ring to the friendly local police department.

current mood: aggravated

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Thursday, May 30th, 2002
2:50 pm
Ah... vacation. A time to relax, kick back, and enjoy a brief distraction from the daily grind of life, right? Well, somewhere along the way, my family has become convinced that taking a vacation means taking a trip to a nebulous somewhere and cramming the schedule impossibly full of things to do and see that everyone only ends up stressed out and cranky and tired. The idea of just taking time off to do anything leisurely doesn't seem to occur to anyone. So, I haven't really been looking forward to this week all that much. Granted, it is nice to take time off and get away from the varied stresses of life in general and work in particular, but a family trip (to visit relatives in Baltimore, no less) wasn't really my idea of a good time when it was suggested a month or so ago. Of course, I didn't really have much choice in the matter.

Thankfully, this trip has been a pleasant surprise thus far. Things have been pretty relaxed overall, with only a few moments of flaring tempers. We'll have to see how the next few days go, but I don't foresee any major problems coming up (he said, wincing at the ominous thunderclaps overhead).

Sunday and Monday were spent in travel, for the most part, driving out from Illinois and stopping at my grandfather's house in Columbus overnight before starting again in the morning to my aunt's house in Baltimore. I only drove part of the way, splitting driving duties with my father and brother. I'm glad I wasn't behind the wheel in Pennsylvania; through the hilly areas in the east of the state, there was only a foot distance between the van and the large concrete medians. While it would've been fine in a car, the unweildiness of the van is another matter altogether. In any case, the weather was nice (until we reached Maryland), and we arrived just fine.

The rest of Monday was spent dealing with real estate agents, of all things, as my aunt and uncle are moving back to Ohio in a few months and are in the process of selling their home. I noticed an odd thing in the local real estate papers -- several of the listings didn't give property values, but instead carried "monthly payments," based on semi-absurd interest rates and down payments. I haven't seen that anywhere else, and I'm wondering if it's a regional practice or a growing recent trend. I'm hoping it's the former.

Tuesday, we went to Gettysburg. I haven't been there before, and I know I'll need to go there again, when I'm in better physical shape and can better travel the area. Gettysburg was fascinating, even though it still bore the scars of the previous day's holiday. I wish the town itself weren't there, though, because the car dealerships and fast food restaurants detract from being able to visualize the battles and skirmishes of the fight. That's a minor thing, though. I also wish I'd had a camera with me, though; I didn't think there would be anything worth taking pictures of, since it's mostly just empty fields, but the memorial commissioned by Mississippi is awfully amusing.

Wednesday, we took a quick trip to DC. We didn't have too much planned; we've been to DC twice before, and seen most of the museums and monuments in the area. I wanted to visit the National Building Museum, but we ended up just hitting the Mall. I overdid it a bit, trying the walk the whole thing; my legs ache today, a learning experience. Large sections of the Mall were walled off so they can put up the World War II memorial. As we walked past the construction site, I half-expected to see a giant "Wal-Mart" sign waiting to be erected. I think they're keeping it hidden in the back.

It's strange, though. The Mall was infested with roving swarms of joggers. I hadn't expected it, and I don't remember it from previous trips to Washington, but they were everywhere, in packs as large as eight.

We also visited the FDR Memorial. Unlike the other monuments in the area, the FDR site didn't have any towering pillars or obelisks. It had a quiet, serene power to it. It was a wide, sprawling area, with relatively small copper statuary spread throughout, accompanied by some of FDR's more memorable quotes, of which, there are a lot. Roosevelt has always been one of my favorite presidents, for a number of reasons, and I'm glad to see the memorial dedicated in his honor is as graceful as it ought to be. The monument was also appropriately wheelchair-accessible, a very nice touch (and one which would have been lost on me, a year ago).

I got a chance to see the Korean War memorial, which wasn't there the last time I visited DC. The military monuments don't have quite as personal a connection to me as to a lot of other visitors to the area, since none of my family have ever had anything to do with military service. Still, it does have a certain grace hanging over the monument. There was a gathering of statues at the memorial, seventeen of them, I think, posed as if marching across the field of battle. From afar, it was moving, a display of solidarity and unity among the troops. Up close, however, the scene was quite different; hands oversized, limbs set at disjoint angles, the faces of the soldiers streaked with bizarre contortions. The effect was rather disturbing and off-putting, and I don't think it was what the artist had intended, at all.

Today, we relax. Nothing at all on the schedule, aside from attending my cousin's high school graduation. Tomorrow, we venture into Baltimore itself, though I don't know that there's really anything to see there. I'm not one for crab, so the appeal of the local cuisine is lost to me. We are, however, planning on hitting Camden Yards tomorrow night, to catch the M's playing the O's. If we hurry back in time, we should have enough time to catch the end of the Lakers/Kings game, hopefully to see the Lakers get obliterated. (One can dream, at least.)

After that, Saturday we begin the trek home, hopefully without incident. We'll prolly stop at the temple in Pittsburgh on the way, out of obligation if nothing else. In all, probably the best family vacation we've had in years.

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Saturday, May 18th, 2002
10:47 pm - ... one foot in front of the other ...
I can walk again! I believe this qualifies for a hearty "Victory!"

Granted, it was only about twenty feet. And I was waddling like a penguin on barbituates. But still, it was twenty feet of unassisted walking. No wheelchair, no walker, no crutches, no cane. Ha! Take that, thrombosis! Take that, neuropathy!

I've been a bit giddy all day. Perhaps a bit too much, but I think it's warranted, under the circumstances. It's an odd feeling. A few weeks ago, I was mentally kicking myself for being absolutely wretched and pathetic, because I hadn't recovered yet, but now that things are finally falling into place, I find myself in an incredibly good mood. It's been a really good week overall (aside from chemo, but that's just a given), and there's still tomorrow left to go. Hopefully, Star Wars won't completely suck, but even if it does, so what?

current mood: giddy

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Monday, April 15th, 2002
11:04 am - "prythee no sport with stingy or play asperty game"
Bleh. I should be working on any number of stuffs that I need to get taken care of, but I'm not. Procrastinating, I guess... trying to find little somethings (a la this fun bit of toy packaging) to cheer me up, as I'm unsurprisingly in a bit of a foul mood.

This was the first spring cleaning weekend of the year for my family, and while I wanted to get outside and help, there wasn't much I could do. I went out and did some weeding and deadheading, but then I got chased back inside by my mother; in her eyes, my white cell count is still 'too low' for me to spend much time outdoors. Grrr. It was a gorgeous weekend, too, weatherwise. So I ended up sitting inside and feeling absolutely, utterly useless. Yay. Not that I could have helped with fixing the gutters, but there's always minor yardwork to be taken care of.

I'm going back to work tomorrow, which means I have a bunch of paperwork to complete. Thankfully, I have a job to go back to; they've been really understanding. I was worried for a bit when I was in the hospital, because management was planning on downsizing the department and I was sure my illness would be an excellent excuse to let me go, but they didn't. It'll be a bit tricky getting back into the swing of things, but at least they're giving me a couple of weeks to get reacquainted with everything.

Don't think I'll be going to ACen this year, which is disappointing. I've gone every year it's been running, and it's been the one thing I make sure to do each year. I wonder if I can get a refund on my registration. Prolly not. Maybe they'll let me apply it to next year's registration, so I can not go then, too.

Ah well. Time to get some things done before I have to head off to rehab. On the positive side, that's going pretty well.

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Saturday, March 23rd, 2002
12:14 am
Finally home. It's been long enough in coming.

I hate being defective. Damn it.

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Thursday, August 9th, 2001
10:51 pm - Ow, my head.


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